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Are you interested in starting your own stock broking business but are not sure where to begin? Let us help you establish your stock brokerage business by providing all the necessary education and legal requirements.


For students familiar with the stock market, technical analysis and derivative segment Graduate and Final-year students are preferable Post Graduate, MBA preferable Anyone willing to start their business in the stock market.

Introduction and Technical Analysis Module

Equity Derivatives Module

Commodity Derivatives Module

Dealing terminal and Back Office

Currency Derivatives Module

Mutual Fund Module

Fundamental Analysis Module

Securities Markets Foundation

Complete Business toolkit

After Completing The Course : -

This course will give you the knowledge and skills necessary to work as a stockbroker along with all the legal formalities. You can offer your clients access to a wide range of financial products such as demat and trading accounts, currency and commodity trading, Portfolio Management Services, Bonds and corporate deposits etc. You can also help them to open and manage their trading accounts in equity and derivative markets. You will also receive the following government-recognized certificate and other other benefits:

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